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The F300 Electronic Rising Plate Meter provides farmers with a reliable and accurate method of measuring pasture within a given range.  It provides a valuable tool for maintaining consistency in the measurement of pasture when undertaken by more than one person, providing a benchmark to reduce variations in visual assessments.


It has been widely used in the dairy industry for a number of years and more recently in sheep, beef and deer enterprises.  Currently the FARMWORKS Plate Meter is sold in over fourteen countries including Australia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, China and Japan. In New Zealand it is used by both farmers and consultants to provide pasture height and density for determining feeding regimes for given classes of stock.  A companion product is the P-Plus Pasture Cover software program which provides a useful tool for recording and reporting pasture covers obtained by the Plate Meter.


The F300 Downloadable Electronic Plate Meter works the same way as the F200 but with the ability to download the data Via USB.


The F300 has the following features -


  • Downloads to PC via USB.
  • Records total height and number of measurements.
  • Calculates average height and average cover.
  • User configurable formulae.
  • Has a 100 paddock memory which means you no longer need a notebook.
  • 30 plonk Beep.
  • Rechargeable battery - charger included.
  • Multi-paddock memory.
  • Includes FREE P-Plus Pasture Covers Software




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